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February 8, 2010                                                                                                                        

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Dorothy Leone-Glasser                                                         




Hope continues for Grady Dialysis Patients after Emergency Injunction Denied                                                                     


“The only option I have is to go to the emergency room at Grady every time I feel sick…it’s like having a death sentence”. Grady Dialysis Patient


On Thursday, February 4th, the Georgia Supreme Court denied a motion for an emergency injunction prohibiting Grady Memorial Hospital Corporation from seeking to terminate the dialysis care currently being provided to approximately 50 undocumented immigrant patients by Fresenius Medical Services under a contract with Grady Memorial Hospital Corporation.  The patients’ attorney, Lindsay Jones, filed the emergency motion on February 3rd, a date that Grady Memorial Hospital Corporation had previously set as a deadline for cutting off the patients’ life sustaining dialysis treatments.  Grady recently back away from that deadline, setting a new deadline of February 12th for the patients to individually meet with Grady social services representatives so they can be assessed on their efforts in seeking long term solutions.  “The patients have worked and continue to work tirelessly to identify long term solutions for their dialysis care,” says Dorothy Leone-Glasser of Advocates for Responsible Care, a patient advocacy group working with the patients to find a long term solution for their dialysis treatments.  “We have investigated the two options presented by Grady to some of the patients to return to their countries or move to other states, and found that neither option provides the patients with a meaningful chance of securing life sustaining care,” says Leone-Glasser.   “The patients worked with Advocates for Responsible Care to organize a community roundtable, inviting public officials and the major dialysis care providers, with the goal of acknowledging Grady’s financial concerns and the patients’ need for long-term dialysis care options, hoping that an open dialogue might promote a community based solution to reconcile both interests.  Unfortunately, only one dialysis provider attended the forum and under those circumstances we could not pursue a meaningful dialogue.


We are now hoping to work with DeKalb County Commissioner Larry Johnson who announced his intention to call a second forum”, says Leone-Glasser.  In response to the Supreme Court’s decision to deny the patients’ motion, the patients’ attorney Lindsay Jones, stated, “We asked the Supreme Court to step in under emergency circumstances to ensure the status quo until the patients’ pending appeal before the Court seeking to reverse the superior court’s dismissal of the patients’ lawsuit, could be heard and fully considered.”  “I can only speculate as to why the Supreme Court denied our motion – I assume the Court was not convinced that the patients are facing an immediate threat to their lives so as to warrant the extraordinary relief we requested,” says Jones.



The Advocates for Responsible Care empowers individuals to achieve their maximum wellness with a strong voice as health care advocates effectively reducing cultural incompetency and health care delivery disparity.

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